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March, 2019 - Diminishing Anger in Your Relationship Seminar

A program designed to focus in on the stuck, angry places in your relationship and provide you with tools to negotiate your differences.  This interactive, 'workshop' seminar is designed for those who already have knowledge about ADHD issues in their relationship, so take the ADHD Effect In-Depth first if you haven't already done so.  More information at this link.

March, 2019 - The ADHD Effect In-Depth - Start Turning Around Your Relationship

Live and recorded version of this superb 8-week seminar are available.  The next live (by phone) session will begin March, 2019Details about the seminar at this link.  If you wish to be notified of future sessions, please send me a note using this contact form.


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None scheduled at this time.


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