ADHD & Marriage News - May 31, 2017

Quote of the Week

“Nothing hurts like nothing at all

When imagination takes full control…"

- Death Cab for Cutie


Transparency.  It’s critical when you are rebuilding a relationship, particularly after significant hurt.  I’ve learned this the hard way, while recovering from affairs in our relationship.  Inevitably when I didn’t know something about my husband’s situation with his past affair partner my imagination would fill in the blanks…and with a vengeance!  I would imagine things such as:  they had amazing sex; she was perfect for him; they never argued; they had a favorite song and my husband was playing it at home and secretly longing for her; they could live happily ever after…

Not ONE of those things turned out to be true.  I know this because instead of letting my imagination eat me from the inside out, I got the courage to ask.  The sex was fine, not amazing.  He didn’t want to build a life with her…he didn’t even want to live with her.  They did argue.  No, they didn’t have any songs at all.  No, it was clear their relationship wasn’t going to end in happily ever after…but ours is.

Imagination is great when you’re starting a new business.  It can be incredibly hurtful when it fills in, and feeds, your insecurities and worries for lack of other information.  So practice healthy conversational skills such as learning conversations, conflict intimacy and using verbal cues to develop healthy transparency in your relationship.  If you don’t know what those things are, consider taking my 8-week couple’s seminar, given by conference call.

Where do you need more transparency?


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