Non-ADHD Support Group Starts MONDAY!


I am now providing support groups for non-ADHD partners.  If you are interested, the next group begins January 15th and meets BY PHONE 8 evenings at 7pm eastern time.

Here are some details about how it works:

  • given by phone - call in from anywhere
  • recorded so if you miss one or two you can still hear the group (NOTE:  please do not register if you cannot make the majority of the meetings.  We ask you most often attended live.)
  • post-group write ups delineate both the problems and the approaches that were discussed in the group for easy reference
  • past group participants get priority for future groups
  • maximum of 14 participants - creating a balance between hearing different experiences and being able to express yourself

For more details and registration, please go to this page.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


Melissa Orlov

P.S. My acclaimed ADHD Effect couples seminar, starting January 13, is given by conference call and led by Melissa Orlov.  This is my premier seminar that has changed the lives of many, many couples.  It provides hope, information and the tools you need to move to thrive in a healthier, happier relationship. Learn more