Recovering Intimacy Course Registration Open


I am delighted to announce that I am starting a new couples seminar, this time on the critically important topic of Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship.

Because, really, isn’t intimacy what it’s ultimately all about?!

Years together, and the stresses of everyday living, leave many couples longing to be closer than they are.  This new phone seminar is designed to be very hands on (no pun intended!) and get you quickly onto a path towards a closer relationship.  In just a few weeks you’ll learn:

  • A different way to think about intimacy that will open up new possibilities for you
  • How to identify conflict styles that may be getting in your way
  • Why knowing yourself is critical to improving your relationship
  • The elements of reviving affection
  • Ways to improve your sex life
  • …and a whole lot more

In addition, for those who are interested, there is an extra session devoted to the topic of recovering from affairs and deception.  (Since not everyone needs this session I’ve separated it out and charge an extra fee for it.)

The seminar is given by phone in four (or five, with the bonus) sessions, and starts on May 5th.  Together, you and your partner will invest your energy in one of the most important parts of keeping a relationship strong.  You’ll even have fun and effective exercises to do between sessions.  By the time the seminar is finished you’ll be thinking about how to create intimacy in a completely new way.

I urge you to go to my Recovering Intimacy seminar page and check out all of the details.

With best wishes,
Melissa Orlov

P.S.  For those of you who are struggling with the impact of ADHD in your relationship, please consider taking my seminar The ADHD Effect In-Depth first.  Doing so will set you up to get the most out of Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship.