Unlearning Habits

ADHD & Marriage News - April 26, 2018

Quote of the Week

“Unlearning old habits and developing new ones takes patient effort.  It helps to meditate each day, whether the weather of our mind is bright or gloomy."

- Dr. Edward Hallowell

Unlearning Habits

Meditation is a form of mindfulness that encourages calm, emotional regulation, and internal strength.  And all of these qualities help when you are trying to break old patterns and replace them with new.

For me, meditation took the form of a journal that I wrote on my computer (password protected, of course!) to help me explore myself.  Who was I?  Who did I want to be, and why?  And how would that person act?

The habit I most wanted to change was that of parenting my husband.  To change it, I had to think clearly about my own values and hold myself to behaving in a way that was consistent with those values (which parenting was not.)

No matter what form of ‘meditation’ you select – moving meditation, yoga, journaling, mindfulness meditation or any of the other options – creating a practice of reflection and calm can be a life saver.


More on unlearning habits ... We are what we repeatedly do.  And becoming reliable on the mundane allows time to “repeatedly do” what’s really important - connect and enjoy each other. Read more here

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