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ADHD & Marriage News - June 28, 2019

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“Nothing is worth more than this day.”


This Day

One of the great things about ADHD is having an innate ability to live in the moment.  But Goethe’s quote has a feel of ‘savoring the moment’ to it that I think can get lost in the ‘now and not now’ time zones of ADHD.  Those with ADHD are ‘in the moment’ because their brains are so attuned to instant rewards of responding to what’s immediately around them.  That’s not the same thing as slowing down and savoring.

So the question becomes – how do you learn to savor the moment more?  Mindfulness is the answer to that question.  With mindfulness training, you can slow yourself down a bit, and take a pause – long enough to up your enjoyment of what you are doing.  Mindfulness is also helpful for emotional regulation, better sleep, and more.

Is Your Marriages Impacted by ADHD?

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