Being Open

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - January 18, 2016

Quote of the Week

“Meditation practice is neither holding on nor avoiding; it is settling back into the moment, opening to what is there.”

-Jack Kornfield

Being Open

Opening up to the present moment is something at which I didn’t used to be very good.  Instead, I dreamed, planned, and sometimes, worried.  I brooded over what I had already done and how I might improve upon it.  

Those things aren’t bad on their own – in fact, they can be a useful tool for learning.  But over the years I have taught myself to also be able to savor each day.  This was partially out of self-defense.  Two members of the household with ADHD lived mostly in the present.  To not have that skill when I needed it put me at a disadvantage.  Having cancer also helped.  When you face something that big, you realize that a lot of what we worry about isn’t really worth the effort.  (Everyone who has had cancer says this – and yet the rest of the world continues to worry, worry, worry.)

So now, I live my life with a spirit of adventure.  Opening up to what is around me – savoring it, and being grateful for what is there right then.  Think of it as an expanded vocabulary – I can still worry if I really need to…I just choose to be happy in the present as my default.  This shift in my attitude has had a marvelous effect on my marriage and my husband.

To enjoy the present moment more, consider starting a gratitude journal.  Leave it by your bedside and write three sentences each day starting with the words “I am grateful for…”  It’s a great way to spend just a bit more time thinking about your present moment.


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