ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 1, 2017

Quote of the Week

“One of the greatest predictors of happiness is something we are in very short supply of these days – tolerance.”

- Extreme explorer and photographer, Cory Richards (about to embark upon a Nat Geo project on human happiness)


You may have seen Cory Richards’ face on the cover of National Geographic Magazine covered in ice and snow.  He took the pictures moments after he had been buried in an avalanche that, as it happened, left his head above the snow.  He thought he was going to die that day.  He is also famous for summiting Mt. Everest with no oxygen support.  The man has guts!

He also has wisdom.  And when I heard him talk about research that highlights the relationship between tolerance and happiness in a lecture this summer it really hit home as being so, so true.

So much so, that I think I don’t actually need to write anything else for this tip.  You know what I want you to think about!


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