Give and Take… or War?

ADHD & Marriage News - May 17, 2018

Quote of the Week

“All partnerships between people are mutually beneficial. They are all give and take. If they aren't give and take it's enslavement or war. I can't see any characteristics of the disorder ADHD that would render someone incapable of understanding the foundation of human relationships…"

- Poster with ADHD in the forum

Give and Take… or War?

Sometimes I hear ADHD people claim that they will never be a good partner because of their ADHD.  This lack of hope and insight always saddens me, for the vast majority of adults with ADHD can manage that ADHD really well when they optimize their treatment.  And then it becomes not about ADHD, but about partnership.

Parent/child dynamics can interfere in ADHD-impacted relationships making it impossible to be partners.  But this isn’t about ADHD – it’s about ADHD AND responses to ADHD.  It’s about misinterpretation of symptoms, and poor coping strategies being used by both partners.  When full blown, parent/child interactions create both enslavement and war.  Horrible!

Rebalancing the power in relationships is what getting rid of parenting and child-like behaviors is all about.  ‘Parents’ learn to stop believing that ‘pushing’ and ‘dictating’ are the best way to get things done while ‘child-like’ ADHD partners stop giving up their autonomy and power to another…taking responsibility for being reliable enough in the relationship.  It is then that partners can negotiate – on equal terms – the give and take of a genuine partnership.

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