Choose to Grow

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 22, 2017

Quote of the Week

“You can let life’s inevitable torments cut you down – or you can use them to grow.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert

Choose to Grow

I was talking with a therapist one time about the pain both my husband and I had been experiencing and trying to work through.  It was a difficult time for us, and I was struggling to understand my husband’s response to therapy, about which he definitely had ambivalent feelings.  I found this therapist’s words reassuring.  “I don’t know how this will go, but I hope that your husband will choose to engage with this pain because if he does, he has the opportunity to really grow.”

I didn’t have any control over whether or not my husband would take on that challenge, of course.  But just knowing that something good and long-lasting could come out of this difficult period gave me courage.

Life does have inevitable ups and downs.  I urge you to think of them as an opportunity to gain wisdom and direction.


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