Bending vs. Giving In

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - May 6, 2015

Quote of the Week

“The ability to yield, to bend, to give way, to accommodate,” he said, “was sometimes a source of strength in men as well as in wood, so long as it was helmed by inner resolve and by principle.” - Master crew shell builder, George Pocock, as reported in Boys in the Boat

Bending vs. Giving In

I am sometimes asked whether acquiescing to a partner’s specific needs (be they emotional or related to ADHD symptoms) isn’t just a form of giving in. Sometimes it is, but often it is not.  Pocock’s idea about accommodation as a source of strength as long as it is guided by inner principle provides insight into how to distinguish between acquiescing in a negative way, and bending in strength as a way of doing better.  We all need to yield to our partners – sometimes more than we would like to.  But so long as that yielding is based in principle, then this can be a source of strength for you, rather than submission.

I suggest in The ADHD Effect on Marriage that partners get in touch with their boundaries or – perhaps a more accurate description - values.  When we are confident we know what’s really important to us, it’s much easier to bend and yield in other areas without feeling bereft for doing so.


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