Shut up!

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - May 20, 2015

Quote of the Week

To keep your marriage brimming, 
With love in the loving cup, 
Whenever you're wrong, admit it; 
Whenever you're right, shut up. 
-Ogden Nash, poet (1902-1971) 

Shut Up!

Do you know the art of a good apology?  Among other things, it’s saying you’re sorry without adding a “but” or “because” clause that actually throws blame on your partner.  And how about shutting up, as Nash suggests, when you’re right?  I love Nash’s pithy poems – not only because many of them are funny, but because they are often spot on.

The Panther
The panther is like a leopard,
Except it hasn't been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch,
Prepare to say Ouch.
Better yet, if called by a panther,
Don't anther.

The kids and I used to crack up every time we read this.

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