Life as an Adventure

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - June 10, 2015

Quote of the Week

“I’m discovering that life isn’t something I’m supposed to master, but an adventure I’m meant to experience.  I’m worrying less about what I should be doing and becoming more aware of what I am doing.” - Sue Fliess

Life as an Adventure

There is a great deal of wisdom in this quote, particularly for couples impacted by ADHD.  Because the reality is, your lives are filled with the very real struggle between “what one is supposed to master” and “the adventure of living life.”

Because of a major illness, I recently made this important psychological shift to being more ‘mindful’ of the adventures to be found in everyday life and much less bound by what I (or my partner) ‘ought’ to be mastering.  The result has been a stunning shift in positive feelings about my everyday life.

I encourage you all to consider Fliess’ wisdom and try applying it to your own lives.  

P.S.  Mindfulness training can be a wonderful tool for both ADHD and non-ADHD partners to learn how to become more aware of what you are doing.  (Ironically, that suggestion smacks of focusing on mastery…but you do have to start somewhere!)


For those in marriages impacted by ADHD

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