The Optimist and Pessimist


ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - December 16, 2013

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“Twixt the optimist and pessimist
The difference is droll
The optimist sees the doughnut
But the pessimist sees the hole”

- taken from a Harvard Medical School health brochure


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The Optimist and Pessimist

(High brow poetry from Harvard!)  Which are you?  A pessimist or optimist?  The answer is actually important.  Research suggests that optimism is a predictor of success in life.  People who are optimistic tend to be “open” to what comes towards them.  Since we are all showered with interesting (sometimes even good) ideas and opportunities, the ability to be open enough to consider them means that when something good comes your way you see it and can act on it if you choose.  If you are a pessimist – meaning you are closed to new ideas – then you don’t notice them.  You’re likely to miss ideas that could really benefit you.

Have you been open to new ideas this week?

I hope you all have a lovely end of the year and, hopefully, some vacation (or at least a bit of rest!)  I'll be back in touch in the first week of January.

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