Smiles Work Wonders

ADHD & Marriage News - June 22, 2017

Quote of the Week

“Pain is mandatory for all of us.  It’s what teaches us.  Suffering is what’s optional.  That’s what happens when we try to skip over the pain.”

- Fortune cookie

Smiles Work Wonders

What makes you happy?’ I recently asked my husband.  ‘Seeing you smile’ was his response.  You can look at the research on why this happens, and how strong is the impact of a smile.  Or, you can just remember.  Have you ever been made to feel worse when you saw someone you cared about smile in genuine happiness?  Didn’t think so!

So what happens if you search for reasons to smile?  If you say to yourself I will find something that makes me happy today, and show it?  I remember that when I felt hopeless finding those smiles was HARD!  But when I did, I always felt better.  And so did my family.  My smile was a gift to others.

Seek out reasons to smile.  Then share those with your partner – even if you’re not feeling as if your relationship overall is feeling wonderful.  Your efforts will soften up your life, and make it a bit easier to keep going.


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