Venus and Mars


ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - May 23, 2013

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“You could be from Venus
I could be from Mars
We could be together
Lovers forever, care for each other”

- Talkie Walkie


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Venus and Mars

Okay, I admit it!  This is about what I thought marriage was about when I was engaged.  Though I wanted a family I didn’t really think much about the day-to-day work of that.  Though I held a job, I didn’t understand the pressure of balancing job/marriage/children/house/illnesses/chores…

I’m glad I’m wiser now, and have learned I have the strength to do more than just dream…but every once in a while I remind myself (fondly) of just how much fun it was to be more innocent.

Maybe tonight I’ll take a moment to celebrate those old dreams and celebrate what I have now, as well.  What might you celebrate tonight?

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