Your Marriage - But Better

Ready to learn how to improve your relationship? My acclaimed ADHD Effect couples seminar can give you the tools you need to do so!

"Better than any therapy session we've had.  It was filled with practical information and the approach was right on."

The seminar starts JANUARY 13, 2020. I record all of the sessions, so if you miss one (or more) you will still get all of the great tips and information you need.

"...I have my best friend back."

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this upcoming class:

  • How to stop an argument before it gets out of control
  • New tools for getting out of parent/child dynamics and why that's so important
  • What the latest in treatment research says you should do to manage ADHD
  • How to communicate more effectively in everyday life
  • How to stop the chore wars

"Your class had life-changing effects on our marriage.  Thank you!"

There is no downside. It is given by conference call, which can be accessed by phone or computer, anywhere in the world (different locations for each of you is fine). I also offer a guarantee: a 100% refund up to the third session.  Really, it's a win/win/win/win...(you get the idea!)  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the seminar - just contact me.

Hope you'll join in!


P.S.  Non-ADHD Partner Support Group, starting January 15, are given by conference call and led by Melissa Orlov.  Each session focuses on one or two topics a week that are submitted by group members for in-depth exploration.  Participants support each other, explore their biggest issues and most pressing problems, and get advice from Melissa - and from each other - each week.  Learn more