Absolutely no sympathy from husband when I'm sick! In fact, it seems to be my fault!

I just got back from a trip and most likely caught a cold from someone on the plane ride home. Friday afternoon he gets home from work and goes to give me a kiss and I tell him that he shouldn't kiss me because I'm getting a scratchy throat and most likely a cold and his response isn't one of sympathy, instead it's "Greeeeeeat! That's just great! Now I'm going to get sick! Thanks a lot!" And that was just with a scratchy throat. The next morning I woke up with chills and a fever of over 100°. I sit on the couch and tell him I've got a fever. Once again I get "That's great! Stay away from me!" Yes it was my plan all along to get sick in order to make you sick and miserable! Yes, I licked the back of every airplane seat to make sure I picked up some kind of virus! I see we are out of aspirin and ask him if he knows of any in the house. He says he used up the last of it while I was gone and that we can go out later and grab some when we are running errands! Okay, WE?? I feel like crap so I have no plans of running errands. Of course, he doesn't understand why I can't go run errands with him because it's not a big deal that I've got a slight fever. I really would like some aspirin now and not in 5 hours! If the tables were turned, I know he'd be acting like he was at death's door if he simply had the sniffles. Whenever he's sick I ask if I can go get anything from the store for him or do anything for him. But god forbid he do anything out of his way for me. It always boils down to me getting sick on purpose! I bet if I got cancer he'd go "Great! That's great! It was your plan all along to leave me on my own, wasn't it?!"