Adderall made my husbands ADHD worse

I haven't been on this forum in about six months. Why? Because my husband started taking Adderall. He liked it. He felt good. The side effects were minimal. I was trying so hard to be positive and look forward to a better future for our marriage. didn't turn out that way.

My husband's ADHD presents itself in the form of hyperfocus of monumental proportions. He is highly driven and nothing stops him from reaching his goals, least of all a wife or a marriage. Well, the adderall made him even more hyperfocused. He worked even longer hours and became even more detached emotionally. With the increased detachment came increased narcissistic tendencies. His memory got worse, at least on topics concerning me. He even started to become overtly mean to me and accused me of doing things that I didn't do.

I finally talked to him and told him that our situation was getting much worse. Thankfully, he believed me and agreed to quit taking the Adderall. Now he's back to his normal.

I'm reminded of the old sayings: "Be careful what you wish for." and  "You should've left well enough alone."