Help for an angry, depressed non-ADHD spouse

I'm reading that many of you are being treated for depression and I was wondering how you knew when to get treatment for yourself?  I'm not only dealing with a difficult marital situation but I'm also going through hormonal changes (I'm 48 and have been having perimenopausal symptoms for 7 years) so I'm never really sure what is causing my depressed moods.  I have days where I don't know how I can go on but then I've never missed a day of work and can always manage to pick myself up and accomplish whatever has to get done.  Usually my worse days are after a busy work week and then I tend to break down and not be able to do much but stay in bed for a day and feel sorry for myself.  This has been happening weekly for awhile now and I have no desire to have a social life or do anything but sleep and be alone.  I'm not a social butterfly anyway, and I come from a family who isn't very social, so I have used that as an excuse for not wanting to be around people (that and the fact I'm around lots of people all week at work).  But I really am starting to think maybe I need to be treated for depression or at least see a doctor about it.  I took Prozac for awhile, about 5 years ago, and it didn't help me at all.  My OB/GYN prescribed it for me when I told her I was feeling depressed and at the time I blamed it on hormones.  Of course my husband still blames my moods on hormones.  Of course it couldn't possibly be due to the fact that for 7 years I've been struggling to do about 90% of everything while he sleeps and watches TV.  It still baffles me that he can love me yet sit back and watch me practically kill myself trying to make ends meet and keep everything running semi-smoothly at home.  Our home is falling down around us, needs about $30,000 worth of work and I have no idea how that's going to get done.  We live month to month never knowing if we can pay the bills.  I'm self-employed so I don't have a regular income I can count on and although he has a job now it's very part time and last month he only made about $200.  I'm a planner and I crave stability and security so it's been torture for me to be married to a man who doesn't seem to care about any of that.  I hate the thought of taking any kind of drug but maybe I need to look into something that can keep me sane. 

I'd love feedback from those of you who have been treated and can definitely say it has helped.  Some days I think the only thing that will help is freeing myself from this dead weight I've been carrying for 7 years.  UGH!