Help- in a marriage but wife has left...for now.

Ok, first post, like always just bear with me I guess. I have been married for 5 years, 2 beautiful kids.....and well this was the first christmas I did not spend with my wife/kids. She walked out with the kids to live with her parents because she has had enough of mood swings, lack of communication, impulsitivity, lack of happiness in my life, etc....and said she wont come back until I get "fixed"....we were going to marriage counseling, and I had been to 2 other counselors in 4 years.....nothing was clicking because I was making the same mistakes and our marriage was going down the same road. I talked to my pysch about adhd, she said I had a mild case of it, blah blah went on ritalin and really nothing......well, I finally found a counselor that broke it down that the majority of my problems are caused by ADHD. I have met with her, 3 sessions....and found out alot of my social problems, lack of intimacy, lack of sex,(not being able to finish sexually with her, but alone I could)..... lack of communication are a result of this disorder, plus the fact I grew up in a household that well........if mom wasnt happy, no one you worked hard to please her.

My question for you guys and ladies is: how do I show my wife I am improving, its only been 2 weeks that she has been gone, but she thinks the whole ADHD thing is a crock. My counselor said it is too early to have her come in and join a session, and I guess the years of not telling her "all" the information, when I thought I did...and the little lies to cover up not getting into trouble......its making my heart explode. I miss my wife greatly, as well as my 2 beautiful son is only a month old....and I miss them so much...

How do I show my wife I am making changes..? How do I bring the fire and passion back into a marriage where I am constantly being told all the negative things....I love my wife, I love my kids......The more I read about adult ADHD the more I feel this could be what has been causing so many problems...issues and concerns, and for the longest time I did not have any answers....I guess I am just looking for support......but I am lost right now, alone in my house....missing my family.

To verbalize, and show my wife how I feel......I stutter, stammer and cant get things straight.....when I know in my heart I want to tell her I am fixing things....I am working......she said she has heard it all before, too many times.......enough is enough.......suggestions? Help??

Thank you in advance