How do I break through this wall?

I'm facing a very difficult decision right now. I am the ADHD spouse in the relationship (you can view my story here). I am 33 year old male that was diagnosed with ADHD in March this year. I decided to see if I was ADHD after reading Mrs. Orlov's book. My wife introduced me to it in September of last year but I didn't start reading it until January and it was like a revelation to me. Since diagnosis, we began seeing a marriage counselor that is experienced with ADHD and CBT. Things were better for awhile but a change in my medication exacerbated my impulsivity and Over focused ADD type behavior. May was a very rough month for us and I had frequent outbursts from frustration and the pace of our lives. My wife left me and took our daughter with her a little over a month ago and moved out of state to be with her family. She has not filed for divorce or separation yet but I fear that is because she plans to get residency there first before doing so. For that reason, I feel like I have to make a decision before she acquires residency. She has since started counseling with me again over the phone. The focus has been on me and her issues with feeling unsafe even though I have never harmed her or our daughter nor have I had any aggressive tendencies or gotten in trouble with school or the law for physical violence in the past. I have tried to reassure her that her insecurity is misguided but she is stuck on the idea that I have the potential to be a raging abuser. I've been doing everything I can to make changes in my life, learning more about ADHD, exercising, eating a healthy diet for an Over focused ADHD type, going to Yoga, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, CBT with our counselor, journaling, correcting medication to negate the negative effect that exacerbated symptoms, taking medication every day as well as supplements,  yet she does not see the change because she is 1000 miles away. In our current situation, I fear that progress will move too slowly for me to be comfortable with not taking legal action to protect my relationship with my daughter before she acquires residency. She wants me to move there to continue my therapy but my career is on the line as well as my financial and emotional stability. We have discussed a trip next month so I can see our daughter but she is not willing to let me have alone time with our daughter while I am there. It will be almost 90 days by the time I see our daughter for something I know i would never do as it is strongly against my moral values. I was raised old school and taught always to turn the other cheek and never to hurt a woman. I honestly don't know what to do.