I destroy myself because my husband has ADHD

Help.  My ADHD husband makes me mad.  We have been married for 3 years.  Our child is 2 years old.  For all the time with him, I experienced lies, lived for a long time with the feeling that I was being deceived (and it proved true), he does not complete anything to the end, he can freeze watching TV, he is very absent-minded, you cannot rely on him - he makes mistakes almost everywhere, he makes impulsive purchases, he interrupts, he does illogical things, I can’t calmly leave him with a child.  From a recent: the child slept in a stroller without a blanket in the evening at + 16c, came from a walk with his legs and arms cold.  Not making sure that there is a temperature, he simply gave him an antipyretic "just in case."  Forgets everything all the time.  He even forgot to wish me a happy birthday when I was at the maternity house two years ago.  I'm constantly monitoring and tracking everything: two children (there is a daughter from my first marriage), a dog and him.  He can leave the house in a soiled shirt.  At the same time, he believed that everything was normal.  Until I started searching and found out about ADHD.  A month ago he went to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with ADHD.  He got prescribed strattera (atomoxetine), because stimulants are not available.  But I'm already tired.  I'm like a soldier who took out a comrade from the battlefield, and I myself am full of bullets ... I break down on him, yell, shout.  When the lie was revealed, I slapped him in the face.  It was last year.  Now he reads a lot about ADHD, and constantly repeats: "This is ADHD, be patient, just be more tolerant to me, what's wrong with that ..." and I no longer have the strength to tolerate even his smallest slips

He only recently started a bullet journal,  and he only keeps it, he says he doesn't know why he didn't make checklists in all rooms at least,  and he doesn't  have a notebook near bed, but he says he is working on improving his adhd, and I do not see any progress.