Jekyll and Hyde

Can anyone relate to this?  I feel as though I am living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!  Younger folks might know what that term means, and of course, if you know the story, I am being a bit extreme since my ADHD husband is not a homicidal maniac as was Mr. Hyde.  But my point is that it is like I wake up to a different person every morning.  One morning he will be mild mannered and sweet and the next morning, or sometimes by the afternoon he is sullen, angry and hostile.

After basically bashing me the night before last, by the evening and into this morning he was just as sweet and loving as he could be.  No mention of his mean words - no apology - it's like it never happened.  This happens to us all the time and it just really leaves me off balance.  And God forbid that I ever try to bring up the argument or the things he said because his response will vacillate from an annoyed sigh to a blustery temper tantrum.  I need to find a way to put the fun in dysfunctional, 'cause I can tell you this:  I've enjoyed about all of this I can for one lifetime!