Okay... so maybe I should have handled this better. I knew my husband (who has ADHD) was tired from a bad night of sleep. I made this really nice dinner (WITH dessert, I might add!) after shopping for the groceries for it. I had to ask him several times to help with putting the groceries away. He was consumed with some travel planning. We ate dinner and we had nice conversation (about the travel plans) and then I cleaned up from dinner while he was back at the travel plans. (We used to have an "I cook, you clean" policy but it kind of went out the window :-P).

So He's still working on plans and I started to talk to him about something I read. I realized he was engrossed, I should have left it alone and gone about my evening but I think in hindsight I really wanted his ATTENTION!! (hey look at me I cooked for you, I read funny things!!) He flat out ignored me! Sure, the transit system of the eastern seaboard MAY be more enticing (it certainly talks less) but I'm in the here and now! Anyway, I got -issed, stormed off, grabbed my things and told him I was going to the coffee shop to study. Then I got even more p-ss-d that he didn't even look up when I stormed out. Good for him that he is not rewarding my negative behavior... but really!

Seriously, I know we are both playing games and not engaging in healthy communication but sometimes it just builds up and I want the attention. If I can't get the appropriate attention I'll take the bad attention. Uggg... self-actualization SUCKS!

Normally we handle things better. I really don't want to be the first to apologize.

Feeling like a 10-year-old at the coffee shop,