Partner wasting my time

My husband was diagnosed in march and we have had four years of horrible marriage problems leading up to it.

Since diagnosis we have been on a merry go round where I beg him to face up to the adhd and  create a plan to stop it affecting our marriage, he says he will and then doesn't. 

He is taking the meds but doesnt like them and sometimes doesn't take them (always results in a row before I realise he hasn't taken them). 

There is next to no support where we live so he sees his meds doctor via Skype and this doctor offers no other support apart from adjusting meds. He has only seen the guy twice. 

I have been trying to get him to read certain chapters of adhd books so we can talk about them, but he still has nothing up say about them.

 He feels he is trying and doing plenty. I only need him to do one thing and that's to start working on the behaviour that affects our marriage - and this is not happening. 

I keep thinking I need to move me and my daughter back to our home city (the three of us moved to a remote area for husbands work last year) and just let him figure it out on his own.

He is not getting what needs to be done, he treats his job as so much more important than us and claims to never have time to think about adhd or accessing support or reading about it. 

it feels like he is simply wasting my time. I have slogged through this situation for a long time, and now we have the answers I think he needs to step up and put them into action. 

any tips?