Unemployed ADHD Spouse

Like most people on this site, I have been to hell and back with my ADHD spouse.  After much discussion, I believe that he is finally beginning to understand how his ADHD is affecting me.  I am hopeful that I have finally reached him (fingers crossed).  I basically let him know that unless something changed immediately that i was ready to leave the marriage.  He is now trying to learn techniques to make him more empathetic.  He is writing things down so that he doesn't forget.  He's trying to hold himself accountable for delivering on his promises.  He has stopped demanding "over-the-top" sex.   He's communicating better with me.  He's been doing chores around the house.  He seems to really be pushing himself to be a better person. He has been consistent with this for a couple of weeks.  It's hard to say at this point whether or not these changes will take root, but I'm hoping... My problem is that he's still not working.  We are really struggling financially.  I work on commission and have had to push myself harder to try and make more money so that we can survive.  I can't keep operating like this.  I'm already exhausted.  My stress level is at it's max.  My next move is to down-size our lives.  But more than anything, I need help from him financially.  If we had two incomes it would make a big difference. Here's my story http://www.adhdmarriage.com/content/hyper-sexuality-adhd-spouse.  January will make 3 years that he's been looking for work.  Would it be reasonable to give him a deadline to find work or move out?  I've done everything that I know to help him find work, but is that really my responsibility?  How should I approach this?  On the one hand, I'm happy that he's trying (I hope that it's sustained), but I need him to get a job and help us!  I invite your thoughts on this matter.