What do you love about your AD spouse?

I see so many families in ruin, or unhappy marriages, on this site. I can't believe it's all doom and gloom...

While living with attention-deficit is never easy (from either side of the fence), I wanted to take a moment, push the "pause" button on the negativity and sadness, and focus on what we all love about our marriages and our spouses. If you're on this site or this forum, it's for a reason, right? Just like you got married for a reason.

My husband and I have been married for 6 years, and we have 2 beautiful, happy children. Our lives are never dull...not with a husband with ADHD and a child with ADHD! But while it can be overwhelming, and tiring, I love my life and my family, and woudn't change it. Here's why, and I'd love to read your stories also.

My husband can turn anything into a game. So much of ADHD literature focuses on the negative aspects, we can forget just how creative they can be. No matter what sort of fit my kids are throwing, my husband can turn it into a game and get them on board.

He's a great playmate for the kids. Being such a kid himself, not only is he able to play on their level, but he helps me to remember that they're only little once, for a brief window, and that I don't want to be remembered for doing chores while they're playing. His play helps me to reconnect with the child inside.

My husband, bless him and the people that raised him, talks to me about things, works with me, and lets me help him through his life. We talk, we laugh, we date, we work together on our marriage and our life.

I know it's challenging, and that it will never be easy. But I'm so glad to have him and our kids in my life.

What do you love about your attention-deficit spouse? What do you love about your marriage?