Who in their right mind would want to be with me?

I was listening to an educational video today during my workout when the professor went over the Impact on Executive Functions on Adults with ADHD. This list took my breath away and made me wonder if I even have hope....

  1. Poor persistence towards tasks/goals
  2. Failing to plan ahead or anticipate future consequences
  3. Poor time management
  4. Poor emotional self control
  5. Impulsive decision making
  6. Disorganization
  7. Problems keeping promises and commitments to others
  8. Difficulty keeping track of several things at once and seeing them to completion
  9. Inability to stop an ongoing enjoyable activity to shift to a more important or urgent task
  10. Depending on others for maintaining order or direction
  11. Underachievement in school or work
  12. Loss of jobs/impaired performance
  13. Unsatisfactory relationships
  14. Poor driving
  15. Poor money management
  16. Trouble organizing household & raising children.

I may not exhibit all of these traits but I've definitely been guilty of the majority of them. My wife has left me because of it. I have no family near me, no true friends to rely on near me. I have no luck finding a support group near me that doesn't interfere with work. I've tried to reach out to my counselor for some advice throughout the week via email since our meetings are only once a week. I'm having to adjust to medication that I'm not used to. The only thing that keeps me sane is my career, exercising, and trying to understand more about this damn disorder. I try to stay positive and hopeful but reading many negative posts and comments on these forums makes me loose hope.