ADHD & Marriage Consulting Group

Overview: A team of ADHD and ADHD relationship experts ready to help you turn your relationship around

Founded and led by Melissa Orlov, ADHD Marriage Consulting is an integrated team of experts dedicated to supporting the needs of couples and adults impacted by ADHD.  Why only that?  Because creating change when ADHD and responses to ADHD are impacting your relationship takes specific, targeted knowledge.  So, in regular team meetings we pool our talent and combined decades of ADHD-related experience to make sure you get world-class assistance as you turn your lives around. 

We work with both couples and individuals (with ADHD, or partnered with someone with ADHD), providing the consulting services appropriate to each situation.  In some cases, you may choose to work with both a consulting coach and a couples’ consultant to get comprehensive support.

As consultants, we focus on what needs to be done.  Yes, that often means suggested ‘homework’ between sessions to help explore strategies we think might work for you.  Even when dealing with your emotional issues, we are keeping forward motion in mind:  What do your feelings mean for defining what actions you and your partner might take?  How do we (client and consultant) keep heading towards your most important goals?

Sessions are conducted by video conference.  We will help you:

  • Understand which key issues in your relationship might be related to ADHD or responses to ADHD
  • Prioritize what to work on first for optimal improvement, and suggest targeted strategies
  • Narrow the communication gap between distinctly different partners
  • Identify critical personal boundaries and goals and start using that information to your benefit
  • Troubleshoot across diverse skill sets
  • Come to terms with your own role in marital issues and gain inspiration to change direction
  • Create a plan to reach long-term goals for your relationship that aligns with who you are as individuals
  • Gain mutual agreement to those goals
  • Effectively identify and track progress
  • Locate useful resources as needed
  • Extend and reinforce progress you've made in the ADHD Effect Couples Seminar

What it is, and is not

With ADHD Marriage Consulting you receive personalized support for repairing and invigorating your relationship from a team of professionals who are expert in how ADHD does – and does not – affect couples and individuals.  ADHD Marriage Consulting is NOT medical advice, and it is not therapy.  For medical advice, please see your doctor.

Can I choose my ADHD & Marriage consultant?

Yes, assuming that person is available.  We will also make suggestions, as well.  At the moment we have a slight waiting list, but we will be taking new clients to start between May and October of 2024.  Please check this page in late April if you are interested in working with one of our professionals.


Fees for consulting services are not covered by insurance, though some health spending accounts may cover some costs.  Consulting fees vary from $140 to $295 a session, depending upon with whom you work.  Some sliding scale options are available.  If you are not satisfied with our services, you may stop at any time.

Intensity of work

We work with clients at intervals that suit client needs and schedules.  A typical schedule starts with weekly meetings then backs to every other week once clients and consultant feel that schedule will support the client's needs.  However, some clients start with intensives or short blocks.  Kidan Kassahun offers a four month IFS consulting intensive, Tami Anderson offers a 5 session package for couples who wish to apply seminar learning to their relationship, and Rachel Ban offers a 3-day couples intensive.

About our consultants

Please visit our About page to meet the ADHD Marriage Consulting team!

What other options do I have?

Melissa provides a nine-week couples seminar live by Zoom three times a year (fall, winter, and spring) and in a self-study version the remainder of the year.  Regardless of whether you decide to work with the consulting group, we STRONGLY recommend you take the seminar.  Past participants repeatedly say the course ‘is one of the best things they have ever done’ for their relationship.

We also run non-ADHD partner support groups, an ADHD coaching group (Foundations in Habit Development) for ADHD partners who've completed the seminar.

How do I get started?

A note from Melissa:  Response to consulting has been very strong and so at the moment we are generally booked.  Therefore, we are taking a pause from accepting consulting inquiries, but expect to have room to take on additional clients in spring of 2024 and again in early Fall of '24.  I recommend that those who have not done so consider registering for the couples seminar, given by Zoom (info here).  The seminar is excellent and will provide you both with a great deal of information to help your relationship.  If you wish to be notified when we start accepting new consulting clients, please contact me here.  (Notifications from generally are sent out bulk, so will arrive in that part of your mailbox.). Thank you for your patience.  I'm as disappointed as you may be that we may not be able to talk with you right now.