ADHD Effect Marriage Consulting with Melissa Orlov

Melissa Orlov

Tele-consulting for couples who wish to improve
their ADHD-impacted relationship with expert, Melissa Orlov.

Overview: Tele-consulting for ADHD-impacted couples

I call myself a 'marriage consultant' because I view it as my job to help you create change, as quickly as possible.  You can think of me as an 'activist counselor' who helps you focus on what needs to be done by each of you to turn your relationship around.  Yes, I will help couples explore their feelings, issues and differences, because being heard is a critically important part of the process.   But I always keep questions in mind, such as: What do these feelings this mean for defining what actions a couple should take?  Is there something that this new information changes?  How do we (the couple and me) keep heading towards the couple's most important goals?  ADHD Effect marriage consulting is about understanding a couple's vision of the relationship they want, and heading that way.

Sessions are conducted by conference call with both members of a couple.  We will focus on developing specific strategies that each partner can use to improve their daily lives immediately and over the long term.  I will help you and your partner:

  • understand which key issues in your marriage might be related to ADHD
  • prioritize what to work on first for optimal improvement
  • narrow the communication gap between distinctly different partners
  • learn the specific skills necessary for good communication
  • develop specific, usable and measurable tactics for diminishing anger and rebuilding trust
  • identify critical personal boundaries and goals
  • help each partner come to terms with his or her role in marital issues and gain the inspiration to change direction
  • create a plan to reach long-term goals for your marriage that align with who you are as individuals
  • gain mutual agreement to those goals
  • effectively identify and track progress
  • locate useful resources as needed

After each session I provide a written conference report outlining the conversation, strategies and suggested deadlines, goals or agreements as discussed.

What it is, and is not

You receive personalized advice and support for repairing and invigorating your relationship from one of the top experts in the field of how ADHD does - and does not - affect relationships.  ADHD marriage consulting is NOT medical advice.  For medical advice, please see your doctor.

Do you have questions?

I would be happy to talk with you about whether ADHD Effect consulting is right for you.  Just contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

How to begin

Send me an email with any questions you have.  If you decide you need my counsel, I will send you the proper paperwork, including “Getting to Know You” questionnaires that will give me a (non-billed) head start to learning about your personal situation and goals.  At the same time we’ll set up our first call.

About Melissa Orlov:

Melissa Orlov is one of the top experts in how ADHD affects relationships and has been writing about the topic since 2007.  She first developed her ADHD knowledge working with ADHD guru, Dr. Edward Hallowell, assisting with educational programs delivered by Dr. Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey.  Orlov is the author of two award-winning books on how adult ADHD impacts couples, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD (with Nancie Kohlenberger), and is a contributor to several others, including the first book for therapists on how to counsel couples impacted by ADHD.  She currently blogs for Psychology Today, teaches seminars for couples, therapists and coaches, gives lectures internationally, and writes online at where she advises many thousands of couples.  She has been interviewed about ADHD and marriage by the NY Times, CNN, Today, AOL, US News and World Report, Experience Life and more.

Ms. Orlov has real-life experience with the pain, confusion and exhaustion associated with tackling the issues surrounding ADHD in relationships.  She has helped many couples move their relationships from miserable to better than they ever expected with her activist counseling approach.

Melissa is a graduate of Harvard College cum laude, and Phillips Exeter Academy.  Her hobbies include road biking, learning the cello and traveling.

What if Melissa is fully booked?

I give consulting priority to couples who have taken my ADHD Effect In-Depth 8-week tele-seminar when space allows.  Regardless of whether you work with me or not, I STRONGLY recommend you take the seminar.  Past participants repeatedly tell me the course "is one of the best things they have ever done" and it has really helped them start to address their issues.  If you have questions about counseling or the seminar, please feel free to contact me.