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How to Optimize Your ADHD Treatment

Melissa offers advise on how to manage ADHD, describing treatment as having three legs, like a stool.  You need strength in all three legs in order to function well.  (You can imagine that two-legged stool, right?!) Read her article in Psychology Today.

5 Steps When a Partner Refuses Intimacy

Refusal to have sex is a decision that most partners do not make lightly.  It is usually an indication that things are grossly wrong in your relationship – a cry for help. Follow these steps in Psychology Today to improve your chances of holding your partner in love and pleasure again.

Research Suggests Fructose Inhibits Brain Performance

Though the research on diet and ADHD has not demonstrated a link between modifying your diet and improving symptoms, this new research study is intriguing insomuch as it seems to connect high intake of fructose with difficulty performing tasks.  The authors claim that fructose actually changes expression of our genes...suggesting you should stop drinking that sugary soda.  Overview here.

ADHD Women's Palooza, January 11-16, 2016

Melissa joins 30 experts to provide insight and answers exclusively for ADHD women in this FREE seven-day telesummit. Melissa's presentation on Relationships is on Thursday, January 14th at 9pm. Enter raffle for April/May ADHD Effect In-Depth Live Couples seminar. Register here.