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Peggy Ramundo, one of my favorite experts on ADHD in adults, will be giving a free webinar for ADDitude Magazine on Oct 19th.  For more information, go to this link.

6/28 - Roberto Olivardia, of Harvard Medical School, will provide a free seminar on healthy weight loss for those with ADHD, compliments of ADDitdue Magazine.  He's great - don't miss it!

Melissa recently did a 20 minute interview about resolving parenting issues for couples impacted by ADHD.  You can read more and listen at this link.

Melissa writes about a new form of therapy that emphasizes couples' speaking and listening skills as they talk about their challenges. Read her article in ADDitude Magazine.

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Melissa offers advise on how to manage ADHD, describing treatment as having three legs, like a stool.  You need strength in all three legs in order to function well.  (You can imagine that two-legged stool, right?!) Read her article in Psychology Today.

New studies suggest that we need to look more closely at ADHD to determine if it can begin in adulthood.  Wall Street Journal article on ADHD here.

Melissa explains that there are some incredibly predictable patterns that show up because of ADHD. The most common couple is one who did not know that ADHD was there when they got together. Distractability, uncompleted tasks and the feeling of not being loved often point to ADHD undiagnosed or mismanaged. Listen to this St. Louis Public Radio podcast.

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Refusal to have sex is a decision that most partners do not make lightly.  It is usually an indication that things are grossly wrong in your relationship – a cry for help. Follow these steps in Psychology Today to improve your chances of holding your partner in love and pleasure again.

Though the research on diet and ADHD has not demonstrated a link between modifying your diet and improving symptoms, this new research study is intriguing insomuch as it seems to connect high intake of fructose with difficulty performing tasks.  The authors claim that fructose actually changes expression of our genes...suggesting you should stop drinking that sugary soda.  Overview here.

A recent study of children in intensive care units suggests that exposure to the chemicals used to soften plastics in medical devices may be directly connected to increased chances of developing ADHD symptoms.  See the news release here.

Renowned expert Dr. Ned Hallowell offers practical solutions on how to focus and regain control in today’s “digital world”. Download and Subscribe at iTunes.

I recently did a podcast with Dr. Jessica Higgins on couples and ADHD.  She was a terrific interviewer - there is much in the podcast of interest to those who are interested in this topic.

CHADD is offering two 7 session seminars for parents about families and ADHD. One begins Feb 3 and the other on Feb 14: 

A personal story many will relate to, and some helpful ideas in Yahoo Health.

The research on computer brain training games do not support the claims these manufacturers make as treatments for ADHD and improved school performance (see my free download about ADHD treatment for more info).  FTC has settled with the makers of Lumosity about their false claims.  See this NY Times article.

Melissa joins 30 experts to provide insight and answers exclusively for ADHD women in this FREE seven-day telesummit. Melissa's presentation on Relationships is on Thursday, January 14th at 9pm. Enter raffle for April/May ADHD Effect In-Depth Live Couples seminar. Register here.