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A new research study suggests that exposure to a specific pesticide used on golf courses, lawns and gardens may impact the development of dopamine systems and trigger ADHD.  Read more information here.

Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Craig Surman were recently interviewed about adult ADHD - here are two of the videos that you might find particularly interesting...One about ADHD as a diagnosis that can dramatically change your life for the better, and one about adult ADHD and its impact on relationships.

A new blog post at provides tips about what to say, and when.

We're pleased to announce that The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD has been named a finalist in the 2014 USA Best Book Awards Psychology and Mental Health category.  'Thrive' focuses upon the emotional hot spots in which couples impacted by ADHD get stuck, providing insight into how to get 'unstuck.'

What's the secret to a successful ADHD marriage? How you fight and forgive are hugely important.  In ADDitude Magazine...

Melissa explains that there are several types of anger, and it is important to recognize which ones are exhibiting in your relationship in this video by Attention Talk Radio.

Melissa describes the signs and symptoms in marriages in which one or both couples have ADHD in this first of two-part series at

Melissa addresses this common and destructive challenge in many adult ADHD relationships. Watch the video at Attention Talk Video.

Melissa explains to Attention Talk Video that it takes two to work on a relationship and that the key focus should be on what you are contributing, not what your partner should be doing.

Zoe Kessler, of Psych Central, interviewed me by phone about couples issues and ADHD, at this link.  Zoe is a woman with ADHD who has an interesting perspective, which she shared in her recent book, ADHD According to Zoe.

Sometimes you just have to speak up, even when the age group isn't's an editorial I wrote about a recent NYTimes article about a CDC report that 10,000 toddlers are being treated with medications for ADHD.

I have just written an informational blog post about research published in Feb, 2014 that suggests that the emotional roller coaster may be a genetically linked trait of ADHD.  Get the details at this EmaxHealth link.

This interview with Jeff Copper provides a good example of how to do a learning conversation with your partner.

Venting can help you release frustration so it doesn't fester...but there is definitely some ways to vent that are better than others.  See Melissa's blog post at Hitched.

This blog post by Melissa gives tips that work for entire families impacted by ADHD.  At this link.

A 2013 study using a large twin community sample suggests that overlapping genetic effects account for the co-ocurrence of ADHD and emotional lability, supporting the idea that emotional regulation problems are a core feature of ADHD.  (Source:  ADHD Report)

A 2014 study suggests low doses of meds combined with behavior therapy is the most effective treatment for ADHD - better than high levels of meds alone.  (Source:  The ADHD Report)  The study was with kids, but there is no literature that suggests the findings won't hold true for adults.