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This TED talk helps explain the addictive nature of sexually explicit material on the internet.

Melissa offers advice in this podcast on how to thrive in an ADHD relationship. Listen to the podcast at the Couples Expert.

Melissa writes about strategies parents with ADHD can use to help ensure their family stays healthy and happy at this link.

There is not a causal relationship established all the way to health deterioration, but new research suggests that unpredictability in relationships and partner responses affect blood pressure rates.  Interesting article in the New York Times (Tara Parker-Pope continues her excellent relationship reporting!)

Tara McGillicuddy is starting a monthly book club for adults with ADHD.   Find out more at this ADHD book club link.

A recent meta-analysis showed that popular online brain training programs aren't effective treatment for ADHD.  The researchers wrote, "...cognitive training did not decrease ADHD behavioral symptoms, did not improve academic achievement, and in most cases did not even improve the cognitive functions they were trying to improve."  The researchers note that this is likely because the aspects of memory targeted by these programs were 'short-term memory' rather than 'working memory.'  It is the latter that most with ADHD need to strengthen.  As such, they say that revised programs might help ADHD memory issues in the future.  The studies analyzed were done with children and teens, as that is the data that exists on these programs.  (For details, see The ADHD Report, Volume 22, No. 8)

Love the internet?  See what it does to short and long-term memory at this easy-to-get-through video.

A new blog post at Psychology Today about managing the emotionality of ADHD.

Melissa talks with Eric on the topics of intimacy, handling conflicts, and more in this podcast.

Totally ADD has a new video out about ADD and anger - what it looks like and how to manage it.  Fun and informative!

Ari Tuckman is doing some great research about ADHD and sex.  He needs more responses from NON-ADHD MEN married to women who have ADHD.  If you fit this category, please go to this link.  This is the first research on this topic and we need your help.  (If you are a woman with ADHD - please copy and send this link to your partner -

This interesting article defines self-love, and is connected to another to help you strengthen it.

The Independent Book Pubhlishers Association (IBPA) has just announced that The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD has won a silver medal in the psychology category for Best Books, 2015.  Find out more about the book here.

Dr. Roberto Olivardia just gave a talk on sleep challenges and ADHD. You can access a recording of this talk for free until 4/7 at this link.

Wed., April 1 at Bradley Hospital Pine Room, 7 - 9 pm.  Dr. Larry Hirschberg will speak.

A fun post by Rick Green about hyper-sensitivity when you have ADHD at this link.

CHADD, which supports the dissemination of information about ADHD nationally, needs your donation to stay afloat.  Please consider giving at this link for their #oneof15M campaign.

Dr. Linda Forsythe of the Hallowell Center in Sudbury, MA will be presenting on ADHD, attention, and non-medical interventions on 2/19 in Needham, MA.  This event is free and includes dinner.  More info at this link.