A Good Man

ADHD & Marriage News - February 8, 2023

Quote of the Week

“What the society needs is not strong men, it's good men.  And good men are not cruel on purpose.  (These days) we are elevating a version of manhood that is completely inverted…”

-Jonah Goldberg, ex Fox anchor

A Good Man

In this speech Goldberg got me thinking about what makes a good man.  We are all flawed to some degree, so putting someone on a pedestal here doesn’t really help.  But here are some of the qualities I believe good people (men and women) possess.  Note that this is a personal list, and I will soon ask you to consider your own:

  • Honest
  • Loving, caring, kind, and thoughtful.  Willing to do the work needed to balance their own needs and desires with those of others around them, including their partner
  • Accepts responsibility when it is theirs and takes action to try to address issues
  • Interested in engaging, or at least willing to engage when asked
  • Has a sense of purpose
  • Reaches out to connect with others and make a positive difference in the world

Now it’s your turn.  How would you describe a good person?



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