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ADHD & Marriage News - January 10, 2023

Quote of the Week

“When your partner is in a state of disrepair, it’s a one-way street.  Everybody gets this wrong.  It’s not supposed to be “Well, these are your issues, here are mine.”  When your partner is in disrepair, it’s like you are working at the customer-service window.  Your partner says, “I want a new microwave.”  They don’t want to hear that your toaster doesn’t work.  They want you to fix their microwave.  Later on, we can hear about your issue, but not then.  The question of who’s right and who’s wrong is irrelevant.  What matters is how we, as a team, are going to make this work for both of us.”

-Terrence Real

One Thing at a Time

How many times have you felt unheard because your partner responded to a complaint of yours with a complaint of their own?!  And how often have you done the same to your partner?  (Be honest, now!)

Yeah, I recognized myself in this quote as well as most of the couples I’ve worked with.

But as is Real’s way, this is a lighthearted example for a really important habit partners create.  When your partner comes to you, it’s not about you…it’s about them and their problem.  Later it can be about you. 

This replying to a complaint with a complaint is a hard habit to break.  One way to do it is to have regular meetings (perhaps one hour per week) set aside to talk about emotional or relationship issues.  The speaker gets a chance to really talk about their issue in-depth.  Learning conversations can help because they are structured.  Another would be to have a verbal cue that allows the initiating partner to communicate “hey – this is about my issue right now…we’ll talk about yours at another time!” asking the other partner to listen first.

Does thinking of yourself at the service window give you any ideas?



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