The Important Person

ADHD & Marriage News - December 22, 2022

Quote of the Week

“Co-dependency is also about the other person’s responses becoming more important than your own needs.  In your mind, that other person becomes more important than you.”

- A therapist I know

The Important Person

One of the very difficult dynamics in relationships impacted by ADHD are those around emotional dysregulation in both partners.  If you fear how your partner will respond, then you start revising how you approach that partner – distorting your ability to express your feelings and needs.  After years of this, you may feel as if you have lost yourself in your relationship when, really, what you may be is co-dependent.  You’ve put someone else’s responses ahead of your own needs.

I’m talking about a chronic condition, not about daily gifts of caring you might give to your partner.  Co-dependency is about avoidance of asserting your needs to appease another or avoid conflict, and about supporting behaviors (such as alcoholism, addictions or physical abuse).  Giving the gift of love is about getting your needs met AND being able to do special (healthy) things for your partner because you care.

If you wish to explore co-dependency more, try Melody Beatty’s The New Co-Dependency or try reading a good book on creating better boundaries, such as Boundary Boss by Teri Cole (one of my favorite books for couples impacted by ADHD.)



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