ADHD & Marriage News - August 2, 2018

Quote of the Week

“It takes two to speak the truth – one to speak, and the other to hear.”

-Henry David Thoreau



If I had a magic wand, one of the gifts I would give struggling couples is the ability to hear their partner, and be heard.  It’s incredibly important as you try to reconnect!  But it can be really hard.  Because we tend to approach what our partner says not from his or her perspective, but from our own.  This leads to defensiveness, rather than openness.

As an example, when we were struggling my husband might say “You’re always so negative about me!” and what went through my head was “That’s because you don’t do what you say you are going to do!”  A much better response would have been “Gee, I wonder why he is saying that now?”

In other words, trust that his opinion and what he is saying is TRUTH to him, and it is my responsibility to understand that truth, not to tell him why he is wrong.

This ability to listen non-defensively is actually one of the most critical characteristics of a healthy, happy relationship.  I might not have liked that my husband was telling me I was negative, but if I was honest with myself…I was.  Yes, I had my reasons, but that didn’t make being negative any more productive.

The ability to speak and listen to the truth is called ‘Conflict Intimacy’ and it’s so important that I cover it in my live couple’s seminar (next live session starting Sept. 26), my self-study Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship, and my live new seminar on anger

It takes practice, but I know all of you can do it.  I hope you’ll consider joining me to learn how.


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