Hope Can Heal

ADHD & Marriage News - September 12, 2023

Quote of the Week

“We are constantly balancing between hope and honesty.  Where I come down on it is that I get reminded over and over again that hope has value in itself.  Hope can heal.”

-Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Hope Can Heal

Partners struggling in ADHD-impacted relationships may feel hopeless.  As a result, they have stopped trying and (often) slid into depression.  From a practical standpoint, this has the effect of reinforcing their hopelessness – no work generally means no improvement.

One of the great benefits about finally finding out that ADHD is impacting your lives together is that it provides a reason for the issues you’ve faced, as well as a path out of the struggle.  Importantly, the context that knowing about ADHD provides allows hope to reemerge.

Dr. Gupta notes ‘hope can heal.’  For me, it is that hope – and a knowable path - provide the energy and motivation for BOTH partners to begin the work they each need to do to change the patterns that have become so ingrained.  


Do you know how ADHD impacts relationships?  If not, learning more can provide the hope you need to change your life. Please consider:

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How to Optimize Treatment for Adult ADHD

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