The Power of ADHD

ADHD & Marriage News - March 27, 2024

Quote of the Week

“…Consider the story of Simone Biles, the world-renowned gymnast who’s won numerous Olympic gold medals.  Biles has been open about her ADHD diagnosis and has used her platform to challenge the stigma surrounding the condition.  Despite the challenges that ADHD poses, she’s harnessed her ability to hyperfocus – a common ADHD trait – to excel in her sport…Or…Lesa Ling, a celebrated journalist…She’s spoken about how her ADHD has been a challenge for her but also about how it’s contributed to her success as a journalist.  Her relentless curiosity, her ability to go deep into her news stories, and her unique perspective are all traits that she attributes to her ADHD.”

- from Women with ADHD by Rachel Wright

The Power of ADHD

ADHD can be hard to live with, but it can also be a superpower.  Both of these extraordinary women understand the ups and downs of their ADHD and that it is not always a blessing.  But they also recognize specific strengths their ADHD imparts and have really dug into, and utilized, those strengths.

I worry when I hear an ADHD partner say that they don’t wish to address any aspect of their ADHD because they fear it will take away the benefits they like.  Fear is the most important word in this sentence because it clouds the potential win if they could not only use their strengths but also address some of the harder challenges.  Thinking of this potential ‘win/win,’ I will often recommend that they lean into their strengths while also trying to assess and address the struggles where change could make the biggest difference for them.  Don’t select the hardest thing – select the thing that will make the biggest difference.

So, they might: try medications to improve their attentiveness to their partner (they can always stop if they don’t like the effects); choose to delegate key tasks to eliminate conflict over missed deadlines; or share work with another who has complementary skills to create a better product at work as just a few examples.

Can you lead into your ADHD strengths and take on some of its bigger challenges?


Does your ADHD partner say that they don’t wish to address any aspect of their ADHD? (read more above)


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