Soul Mates, and All That

ADHD & Marriage News - June 28, 2018

Quote of the Week

“Another helpful adjustment is to drop the idea of finding a soul mate.  “We have this mythological idea that we will find a soul mate and have these euphoric feelings forever,” says Chapman.  "In fact, soul mates tend to be crafted, not found."

- Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages

Soul Mates, and All That

My husband’s affair partner once told him they were soul mates.  When I asked him if he concurred, he replied “That’s what she thinks.”  It made me think about the concept of soul mates and I ended up in a place very much like Chapman’s.

In my opinion, the idea that someone is ‘perfect’ for us just by being themselves, is a myth.  In the case of this affair partner, perhaps a myth placed on top of a fantasy, to justify trying to steal someone else’s husband.  It assumes a ‘happily ever after’ just by being together.  That’s just not how healthy, joyous relationships work.  Marriage research shows clearly that euphoric feelings lessen for 97% of couples after the dopamine of infatuation wears off (at between 24 – 28 months into the relationship.)  And then it becomes about overtly nurturing your connections. 

In relationships impacted by ADHD, this nurturing typically has to be even more thought through – schedule time to be together, don’t just assume it will happen (too much distraction for that!)  Make sure to keep doing new and challenging things together to connect.  Work hard to optimize ADHD treatment so that inconsistency doesn’t hurt your relationship.  Avoid falling into parent/child dynamics at all costs (this takes work by both parties!)

But with all that – you may be able to end up saying, as my husband and I do, we are with just the right person.  Is that a soul mate?  Nah, but I don’t feel I need a label beyond ‘really, really happy.’  And both of us plan on doing the work to keep it that way.


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