ADHD & Marriage News - October 8, 2020

Quote of the Week

“Even though my brain doesn’t do calculations very well, it does other things really well, such as be creative.”

-A young woman I know with dyscalculia and ADHD


Learning disorders and ADHD can lead to teasing from other kids at school, or comments that encourage low self-esteem.  “Why can’t you multiple 4 x 5?  What are you, stupid?!” does not make a fourth grader feel good about herself and be a blow to self-esteem.

That’s where knowing your strengths comes in.  Everyone is ‘lopsided’ – we all have some things we do better than others.  People with ADHD can be particularly lopsided if their symptoms are under-managed.  But we all have things we do well and that can make us proud.

For this young woman, it is ANYTHING creative, plus exploring the world.  For my husband it’s everything technical.  For me it is synthesizing information.  For another person I know it’s playing the drums.

We should ALL be identifying our strengths and be ready to remember we have them any time someone attacks one of those vulnerable, we-don’t-do-that-so-well places.

What are your strengths?  Your partner’s?


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34th Annual ADHD Conference - November  5 - 7, online this year. Top ADHD experts and opportunity for Q & A. 

For those in marriages impacted by ADHD

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