ADHD & Marriage News - August 18, 2022

Quote of the Week

“Life is the sum total of what we pay attention to.”

- Ezra Klein, from “It’s not your fault you can’t pay attention, here’s why” podcast


Are you on your cell phone in most of your free time, watching video clips or reading the news?  Is the first person you pay attention to the one who just texted you, or the person standing in the room with you?

Intimate relationships are struggling under the weight of all the many things there are in the world that tug at our attention.

And yet…life is the sum total of what we pay attention to.  Could there be any truer statement?

And so, it makes sense to think about the way you want your life to be, and the person you wish to be remembered as.  Is your attention aligned with your dreams and desires?

If you are always on your electronics, are you sure you wish to pay that much attention to cat videos, electronics tutorials, news headlines, and Facebook posts?  Or, perhaps, do you focus all of your attention on your children, in essence ignoring your partner and your relationship with your partner?

How might you better align your life with your actions?




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