Give It Away

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - December 7, 2016

Quote of the Week

Love only means something when you give it away.”

-Laura Fitzgerald

Give It Away

When we struggle in our relationship it is easy to move to a place where we compartmentalize and withdraw in order to protect ourselves.  Holding onto (or losing) feelings of love, rather than giving it away.

I NEVER suggest that people should be stupid about how they give their love.  You should not, for example, go back again and again to a person who physically beats you and try to change this experience by offering more love.  Run the other way, instead!  But the more typical scenario is that partners who have loved well in the past withdraw under the pressure of their current dysfunction.  And that withdrawal feeds further isolation and relationship troubles.

It is one of the marvels of love that it grows stronger and makes our lives better when we give it away…over and over again.  Giving your love even when you are struggling can make you feel vulnerable.  But the risk is worth taking, for only when you give love will your relationship bloom.

How are you giving away your love?  And are those around you aware of how you give your gift of love?

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