ADHD & Marriage News - August 11, 2021

Quote of the Week

“A wise person recently told me, “You don’t owe anyone your discomfort.””

-Non-ADHD support group participant


I love this idea, and it reminds me of all the things I used to do that made me uncomfortable.  I did them because I thought I should, and because I couldn’t think of any alternatives that seemed to work.  Here are just a few:

• Hide feelings because I thought my partner wouldn’t like them

• Take on too much work because my partner didn’t engage with it

• Accept my partner’s disrespectful comments, writing them off ‘because he was angry’

• Wait way too long to get professional help

I wish I had chosen to stick up for myself more.  Not by judging my partner but by doing the opposite – engaging with him in a positive, non-parenting way.  Insisting that he figure out how to treat me and everyone else in the family with respect.  Listening to his anger and believing what he said, then trying to do something about it rather than resist.

I don’t owe it to my husband to take on his moods, behaviors and negativity any more than he owes that to me.  But I DO owe it to both of us to engage thoughtfully, honestly about my feelings and desires (NOTE that I do not say ‘needs’ here…most of what we ask for are desires or wants, rather than truly needs.)

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your relationship don’t sit back.  Respectfully request engagement or make changes in your life that address your issues.


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