Connection Vs. Love

ADHD & Marriage News - October 19, 2021

Quote of the Week

“Bonded does not necessarily mean love.”

- Dr. Rhonda Freeman

Connection Vs. Love

There is an old saying that the opposite of love is not hate…the opposite of love is indifference.  This idea fits nicely with Freeman’s words.  Anger, resentment,  living together because you can’t think of anything better to do…these all create connections and bonds.  Yet they are not necessarily love.

I’ve been giving a good deal of thought lately to what the word ‘love’ means, and I am convinced that it includes caring for, and accommodating another person’s desires in your life…demonstrating your passion for another (I’m not talking sexual, though that’s good, too) and being genuinely eager to be with that person.  And, of course, the reverse.  Love is a choice that you BOTH make each day to be engaged, vulnerable with, and interested in your partner and your life together. 

I would be interested in hearing from you all.  What does love me to you, and how do you sustain it?


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