ADHD & Marriage News - December 15, 2021

Quote of the Week

“A search for understanding tends to open one’s eyes rather than close them.”

- Jasper Johns


I always admire those partners who are out trying to understand why their lives look the way they do.  And I am honored to be able to help people understand the ins and outs of The ADHD Effect on their relationships.

I feel happiest when I glimpse that ‘aha’ moment when a partner says “Wow, this explains so much!  And I need to start taking responsibility for my own part.  I finally feel hope again that I have the ability to impact what’s going on.”

Some partners are resistant to searching for understanding because it feels threatening – as if opening up to new ideas might lay all the blame for relationship ills at their feet (never true) or because it might be frightening to confront the impact of their anger or symptoms.

If you’re in that group, have faith.  There is so much now known about how to improve relationships impacted by ADHD (and responses to ADHD) that chances are good that if you open your eyes you will end up ahead of where you are.

If you are resistant to the idea that ADHD has an impact, what is that resistance based upon?



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