Changing Behavior

ADHD & Marriage News - August 5, 2018

Quote of the Week

“You can’t talk your way out of problems you behaved yourself into."

- Stephen Covey

Changing Behavior

What Covey is saying here is that if you behaved yourself into a corner, you have to improve your own behavior to get yourself back out of it.  Otherwise, your credibility and trustworthiness are shot.

Or…actions speak louder than words.

If you have ADHD, getting your actions to be the right actions at the right time can be a difficult problem!  Even so, it’s important to get your behaviors in order because this is the bottom line for your relationship.  Talk and good intentions don’t cut it.  Either you act like - and are - a good, loving partner who cherishes and supports your relationship…or you’re not.  ADHD partners can certainly do this, but they have to get the ADHD issues under control first.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help.  Coaching can help (see my recommended coaches page.)  Making sure you optimize your treatment is critical (download my free e-book from the home page.)  Taking time to ‘attend’ to your partner and training yourself not to cover up failures are also important tools when becoming a better partner.

And this isn’t just about ADHD partners.  Non-ADHD partners can behave themselves into problems – I sure did when I was angry and belittling to my husband.  I simply was not holding my own behavior to a high enough standard.  Instead, I nurtured my frustration and tried to force him to do better, rather than learn what was going on and how to tame my own negative behaviors.

We talked about doing better and commiserated about how hard it was.  But it was not until we created specific plans for dong better and implemented them – behaved our ways out of our problems – that our relationship actually improved.

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