Life Cycle Issues

ADHD & Marriage News - February 12, 2020

Quote of the Week

“We need to recognize life-cycle events like moving out of a home or children going off to college or retirement.  We don’t approach those elements of our lives ritualistically, but we should.”

-Rabbi Bob Alper

Life Cycle Issues

One of the trickiest parts of the life cycle of a marriage is the introduction of children into the family.  For some reason we do a great job at telling people about the wonder, and a really terrible job of preparing them for how physically and emotionally demanding it will be.

Tons of hormones and possibly post-partum depression issues.  Lack of sleep (which exacerbates ADHD symptoms and crankiness in both partners.)  A sudden shift in the dynamics of the relationship (how many men have felt left out of the mother/child relationship, and miss their wives when they have less time for their partner?)  For many, there are new financial pressures, too.

The broader community knows about these issues – we just don’t talk about it enough.

Perhaps it is time to create your own pre-baby ritual.  Get some friends and family to ‘straight talk’ about the speed bumps they encountered when their children were born.  And perhaps spend some time with your partner – celebrating your last moments as a twosome for the next 2 decades.  The celebration will be worth it.


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