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ADHD & Marriage News - February 23, 2021

Quote of the Week

“ADHD medications may play a role in not only focusing but also in helping the brain regulate emotions, freeing up space and energy to do other things.”

-Dr. Anthony Rostain

What You Want to Do

Whether or not to take medications is completely up to the person with the ADHD.  However, there are many compelling reasons to consider it, including the ease with which these medications can improve focus and restraint.

But those qualities, enabled by the increased dopamine these medications make available, are useful insomuch as they enable the ability to do more of what you want.  Within couples counseling sometimes ‘what you want’ includes the ability to follow through on mundane tasks in a way that helps you be more of an equal partner.

That’s powerful!  Rather than expend energy following wherever your impulses lead, you get to CHOOSE where to expend your energy because now you can sustain your focus long enough to do so.

I have a client right now who puts it this way.  “I used to spend all of my time putting out fires because stuff just caught me by surprise all the time.  Every day was just one big fire drill.  Now that I’m taking medication I can much better anticipate, and things don’t just ‘suddenly happen’ anymore.  I feel much more in control, and that has lessened my anxiety and allowed me to more consciously and affectionately focus on my partner, too.”

ADHD medications may or may not be right for you.  But if you wish to learn more about how to optimize ADHD treatment (with and without medications) please feel free to download my free treatment e-book from the home page of my website (right column).  It was updated this year, and contains the most recent information you need to know.


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