ADHD & Marriage News - February 2, 2024

Quote of the Week

“Someone gets defensive as a means of avoiding accountability and getting the other person to back off."

- Seth Meyers, PsyD


One of the biggest barriers to good communication between partners impacted by ADHD is defensiveness.  And I hear about LOTS of it.  That’s not surprising, given the nature of ADHD-impacted relationships.  But what to do?

Here are some specific paths to pursue:

  • Defensiveness may be so severe that it actually indicates Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD).  Read this article if you want to learn more and consider using some of the meds that tame this extreme sensitivity to perceived and real criticism.
  • Defensiveness is often a response to a shame trigger.  Shame is debilitating, and generally can only be addressed with professional assistance.  One of the most effective types of therapy to address shame is Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS)
  • Use Learning Conversations to explore repetitive emotional issues.  (If you don’t know what these are, see The ADHD Effect on Marriage or my couple’s seminar).  This structured conversation is harder to escalate and may help the partner avoid some or all of the shame
  • Bulk conversations about task into a weekly task meeting.  This diminishes the number of conversations around things not yet done that can trigger shame.  Both partners can mentally prepare for the meeting, and thus bring their A game, with less likelihood of escalation


Need more ideas on how you and your partner can communicate BETTER?

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